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Benedictine Monks Newark Abbey

About Us

Newark Abbey, a community of Roman Catholic men living in community and following the Rule of Saint Benedict. As Benedictine Monks, we are committed to work and prayer where our community has been planted.

More Details

Newark Abbey is a Benedictine community located in Newark, New Jersey, dedicated to living out the Rule of St. Benedict through prayer, work, and community life. The Abbey was founded by Abbot Boniface Wimmer of St. Vincent's in Pennsylvania and has been an active presence in Newark since 1857. The monks at Newark Abbey are committed to being a stabilizing and spiritual presence in the urban environment of New Jersey's largest city.

Ministry Work
Educational Apostolate: One of the primary ministries of Newark Abbey is its educational work, particularly through St. Benedict's Preparatory School. The school serves young men from the local community, providing a rigorous academic program grounded in the Benedictine values of discipline, community, and spirituality. The monks are deeply involved in the life of the school, both in administrative roles and as teachers, fostering an environment where students can develop academically, morally, and spiritually.

Parish Work: The monks also serve the wider community through their work at the Abbey Church of St. Mary. This includes celebrating the sacraments, offering spiritual guidance, and engaging in various forms of pastoral care. The Abbey's commitment to hospitality extends to parishioners and visitors, providing a place of worship and refuge in the heart of the city.

Community Outreach: Newark Abbey's mission includes various outreach programs aimed at addressing the needs of the local community. This includes social services, support for the poor, and initiatives that promote social justice. The monks' engagement with the community is a reflection of their commitment to living out the Gospel values in tangible ways.

Daily Life and Mission
The daily life of the monks at Newark Abbey is structured around the Benedictine principle of "ora et labora" (prayer and work). Their day is punctuated by communal prayers, which include the Liturgy of the Hours, personal prayer, and meditation. This rhythm of prayer is designed to keep the monks centered on their spiritual mission and connected to God throughout the day.

In addition to prayer, the monks engage in various forms of manual labor and intellectual work. This balance of activities is intended to foster a well-rounded monastic life that integrates spiritual growth with practical skills and service.

The mission of Newark Abbey is deeply rooted in the Benedictine values of stability, humility, and conversion of life. Stability involves a commitment to the community and a deep sense of place, fostering long-term relationships and a stable environment for ministry. Humility is seen as a path to spiritual growth, where monks learn to put the needs of others before their own. Conversion of life is an ongoing process of personal and communal transformation, aimed at aligning one's life more closely with the teachings of Christ.

Vision and Goals
The overarching goal of Newark Abbey is to be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality and a source of support and transformation for the local community. By living out their monastic vocation in the midst of an urban environment, the monks strive to bring the peace and stability of the monastery into the bustling life of the city. Their work in education, parish ministry, and community outreach are all expressions of this mission, aimed at fostering a more just, compassionate, and spiritually grounded society.

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