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Benedictine Monks St. John's Abbey

About Us

Life in community identifies a Benedictine monk. It is within community, and being accountable to our community, that we live our vows of Stability, Obedience, and Conversion.

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Saint John’s Abbey, located in Collegeville, Minnesota, is a Benedictine community committed to the Rule of St. Benedict, focusing on prayer, work, and community living. Founded in 1856, the abbey is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, education, and cultural enrichment.

Ministry Work

Education and Formation: The abbey operates several educational institutions, including Saint John’s University, Saint John’s Preparatory School, and the School of Theology and Seminary. These institutions provide comprehensive education and formation programs, preparing students for leadership in the Church and society.

Liturgical Press: The abbey runs Liturgical Press, a prominent Catholic publishing house that produces books and resources on liturgy, theology, and spirituality. This ministry supports the Church’s mission of evangelization and education.

Retreats and Spiritual Direction: The abbey offers retreats and spiritual direction to individuals seeking spiritual renewal and growth. The Abbey Guesthouse provides a peaceful environment for guests to engage in prayer, reflection, and personal development.

Benedictine Volunteer Corps: This program allows recent college graduates to serve in Benedictine communities around the world, promoting peace, justice, and community development. Volunteers engage in various service projects, supporting the abbey’s mission of outreach and social justice.

Stewardship and Sustainability: The abbey is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability, managing its lands and resources responsibly. This includes initiatives in organic farming, renewable energy, and conservation, reflecting the Benedictine value of caring for creation.

Daily Life and Mission

The daily life of the monks at Saint John’s Abbey revolves around the Benedictine principles of "ora et labora" (prayer and work). The monks gather for communal prayers, including the Liturgy of the Hours and daily Mass, which provide the spiritual foundation for their communal and individual activities. The rhythm of prayer and work fosters a balanced and holistic approach to monastic life.

The mission of Saint John’s Abbey is deeply rooted in the Benedictine values of stability, obedience, and conversatio morum (ongoing conversion). Stability involves a lifelong commitment to the monastic community, fostering a sense of belonging and continuity. Obedience is the practice of listening to God’s will as expressed through the Rule of St. Benedict, the abbot, and the community. Conversatio morum is the commitment to personal and communal growth, striving to align one’s life with the monastic ideals.

Vision and Goals

Saint John’s Abbey aims to be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality and a resource for the broader Church and society. Through its educational programs, publishing efforts, and community outreach, the abbey seeks to foster spiritual growth, intellectual development, and cultural enrichment. The monks’ dedication to prayer, work, and hospitality ensures that the abbey remains a vibrant center of spiritual and cultural life.

The abbey’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability further reflects its dedication to the Benedictine value of caring for creation. By integrating these principles into their daily life and ministry, the monks of Saint John’s Abbey strive to create a just, compassionate, and spiritually enriched community for all who engage with their mission.

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