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Benedictine Nuns St. Scholastica Priory

About Us

St. Scholastica Priory is a community of Catholic Benedictine contemplative nuns located in central Massachusetts. Surrounded by thousands of acres of forested conservation land, the monastery enjoys a peace and natural beauty conducive to a prayerful atmosphere. Our lives are dedicated to seeking union with God through the monastic life of charity lived in community.

More Details

St. Scholastica Priory, located in Petersham, Massachusetts, is a community of Catholic Benedictine contemplative nuns. The priory is set amidst thousands of acres of forested conservation land, providing a peaceful and natural environment conducive to prayer and contemplation. The nuns live a monastic life dedicated to seeking union with God, guided by the Gospel and the Rule of St. Benedict.

Ministry Work

Liturgical Life: The central focus of life at St. Scholastica Priory is the praise of God, primarily through the Mass and the Divine Office, which are sung using Gregorian Chant. These liturgies are celebrated in conjunction with the monks of St. Mary’s Monastery, their twin community.

Hospitality: Hospitality is a key aspect of their Benedictine charism. The priory offers a guesthouse where men and women of all faiths are welcome to stay, participate in the liturgy, and spend time in prayer and personal reflection. The guesthouse provides a serene environment for spiritual retreats and days of recollection.

Monastic Experience Weekends: The priory hosts Monastic Experience Weekends for young women discerning a call to religious life. These weekends offer discernment tools and a firsthand experience of monastic life, helping participants understand the vocation and lifestyle of a Benedictine nun.

Oblate Program: St. Scholastica Priory supports an oblate program, where laypeople who seek to live according to Benedictine spirituality in their daily lives can deepen their spiritual connection to the priory through regular meetings, retreats, and spiritual formation activities.

Daily Life and Mission

The daily life of the nuns at St. Scholastica Priory revolves around the Benedictine principles of "ora et labora" (prayer and work). Their day includes communal prayers, personal meditation, and various forms of work. This structured routine ensures a balanced and holistic approach to monastic life, promoting both spiritual and practical development.

The mission of St. Scholastica Priory is rooted in the Benedictine values of stability, obedience, and conversatio morum (ongoing conversion of life). Stability involves a lifelong commitment to the monastic community, fostering deep relationships and a sense of belonging. Obedience entails listening to God’s will through the Rule of St. Benedict, the prioress, and the community. Conversatio morum is a commitment to continual personal and communal growth, striving to live out the monastic ideals more fully.

Vision and Goals

St. Scholastica Priory aims to be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality, offering a stable and spiritually enriching environment for individuals to encounter God and grow in faith. Through their liturgical life, hospitality, and monastic experience programs, the nuns seek to foster spiritual growth, intellectual development, and social responsibility.

The serene setting of the priory, combined with its active engagement in various ministries, makes it a unique spiritual and cultural resource in the region. The nuns' dedication to prayer, work, and community life ensures that St. Scholastica Priory remains a vibrant center of Benedictine spirituality and a source of inspiration for all who visit.

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