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Benedictine Sisters Benet Hill Monastery

About Us

We are a contemporary Benedictine monastery that fosters curiosity and understanding, welcoming everyone with an open mind and heart.

More Details

Benet Hill Monastery, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a contemporary Benedictine monastery that welcomes people from all walks of life. The sisters live according to the Rule of St. Benedict, adapting its timeless values to modern times.

Ministry Work

Spiritual Guidance and Retreats: The monastery offers guided labyrinth walks, retreats, and spiritual direction to help individuals deepen their spiritual journeys. The Retreat Center provides a peaceful environment for reflection and renewal, welcoming all who seek spiritual refuge.

Education and Training: Benet Hill Monastery provides training for spiritual directors, combining Benedictine spirituality with practical skills to guide others on their spiritual paths. They offer both online and in-person learning opportunities.

Community Engagement: The sisters engage with current local and global issues, including human trafficking and immigrant rights. They model and teach ways to live a values-based life, emphasizing the presence of the Divine in all creation.

Oblate Program: The monastery supports an oblate program for laypeople who wish to live according to Benedictine spirituality. Oblates participate in regular meetings, retreats, and spiritual formation activities, deepening their connection to the monastic community.

Daily Life and Mission

The daily life at Benet Hill Monastery follows the Benedictine principles of "ora et labora" (prayer and work). The sisters' day includes communal prayers, personal meditation, and various forms of work, fostering a balanced approach to monastic life that promotes both spiritual and practical development.

The mission of Benet Hill Monastery is rooted in the Benedictine values of hospitality, stability, and ongoing conversion of life. Hospitality involves welcoming all as Christ, providing a space for spiritual growth and renewal. Stability refers to a lifelong commitment to the monastic community, fostering deep relationships and a sense of belonging. Ongoing conversion of life is a commitment to continual personal and communal growth, striving to live out the monastic ideals more fully.

Vision and Goals

Benet Hill Monastery aims to be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality, offering a stable and spiritually enriching environment where individuals can encounter God and grow in their faith. Through their retreat programs, spiritual guidance, and community engagement, the sisters seek to foster spiritual growth, intellectual development, and social responsibility.

The monastery's commitment to contemporary issues, education, and hospitality reflects its dedication to the teachings of St. Benedict and its mission to serve the broader community. The serene setting of Benet Hill Monastery, combined with its active engagement in various ministries, makes it a unique spiritual and cultural resource in the region. The sisters' dedication to prayer, work, and community life ensures that the monastery remains a vibrant center of Benedictine spirituality and a source of inspiration for all who visit.

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