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Carmel of Cristo Rey

About Us

Our peaceful cloistered Community rests in the busy streets of San Francisco, CA. Our Carmelite vocation is cherished as we carry on the legacy of our Foundresses, who left their homes and came to San Francisco to preserve in freedom our contemplative way of life.

More Details

The Carmel of Cristo Rey, located in San Francisco, California, is a contemplative community of Discalced Carmelite nuns dedicated to a life of prayer and sacrifice. Following the example of St. Teresa of Avila, their mission is centered on living in the presence of God and interceding for the needs of the Church and the world.

Ministry Work

The nuns focus on a life of contemplative prayer, offering retreats and spiritual guidance. They support their community through the making and selling of handcrafted items such as scapulars and rosaries. Their primary mission is to pray for the Church and the world, living a life of simplicity and sacrifice.

Daily Life and Mission

The daily life of the Carmelites revolves around the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, personal prayer, and manual labor. Their mission emphasizes a deep relationship with God, fostered through silence, solitude, and community life.

Vision and Goals

The Carmel of Cristo Rey aims to be a beacon of contemplative spirituality, offering a prayerful and peaceful environment for spiritual growth. Through their dedicated life of prayer, the nuns seek to support the Church and the world, fostering spiritual renewal and intercession. Their commitment to a simple and sacrificial lifestyle underscores their mission of living in the presence of God and offering their lives for the salvation of souls.

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