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Carmelite Friars St. Elias Province

About Us

Carmelites devoted to Mary, seeking the Face of God, through prayer, fraternity, and ministry.

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The Carmelite Friars, part of the North American Province of Saint Elias, are dedicated to a life of prayer, community, and service following the traditions of the Carmelite Order, which dates back over 800 years. They are inspired by the examples of Elijah and the Blessed Virgin Mary, emphasizing contemplative prayer and active ministry.

Ministry Work

The Carmelites are involved in a variety of ministries, including education, parish work, spiritual direction, and social justice initiatives. They serve as teachers in primary, secondary, and higher education, and work in hospitals, prisons, and retreat centers. Their roles also include campus ministry, providing spiritual guidance in schools and colleges, and chaplaincy, serving specific communities within larger institutions.

Daily Life and Mission

The daily life of the Carmelites includes communal prayers, such as the Liturgy of the Hours and daily Mass, personal meditation, and active ministry. Their mission is deeply rooted in the Carmelite charism, which focuses on living in the presence of God and fostering a deep personal relationship with Him through contemplative prayer and service.

Vision and Goals

The Carmelites aim to be a beacon of contemplative spirituality, offering a supportive environment for spiritual growth. Through their diverse ministries, they strive to foster spiritual, intellectual, and social development. Their commitment to education, community service, and social justice underscores their mission to serve the broader Church and society. The Carmelites' dedication to prayer, work, and community life ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration for all they encounter.

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