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Cenacle Sisters

About Us

The Cenacle is rooted in the faith and efforts of Saint Thérèse Couderc and Father Stephen Terme. Father Terme began his journey of faith in the wake of the French Revolution and its destructive impact upon the faith and the religious formation of the people. As a parish priest and missionary, he helped people rediscover their faith and love of Jesus.

More Details

The Cenacle Sisters are dedicated to a life of prayer, community, and service, focusing on spiritual direction, retreats, and faith formation. Rooted in Ignatian spirituality, their mission includes providing spiritual guidance, educational programs, and supporting those in need through various outreach initiatives.

Ministry Work

The sisters offer retreats, spiritual direction, and educational programs to foster spiritual growth and healing. They engage in social justice efforts and provide support for the marginalized through outreach programs.

Daily Life and Mission

Daily life revolves around communal prayer, personal reflection, and active ministry. Their mission emphasizes deepening the spiritual lives of individuals and communities through prayer, education, and service.

Vision and Goals

The Cenacle Sisters aim to foster spiritual growth, education, and social development. Their commitment to hospitality, education, and social justice underscores their mission to serve the broader community. The sisters' dedication to prayer, work, and community life ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration.

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