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Cistercian Monks Assumption Abbey

About Us

We are a community of monks of the Cistercian Order. Monks first came to Ava, Missouri from New Melleray Abbey in Iowa in 1950 to establish the monastic life here.

More Details

Assumption Abbey, located in Ava, Missouri, is a Trappist monastery dedicated to a life of prayer, contemplation, and work. The monks follow the Rule of St. Benedict, emphasizing simplicity, silence, and community life.

Ministry Work

The monks support themselves through manual labor, primarily making fruitcakes. They offer retreats, providing a serene environment for personal and spiritual growth. Their work includes maintaining the abbey grounds and engaging in various forms of community outreach.

Daily Life and Mission

Daily life includes the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, personal prayer, and manual labor. Their mission is centered on living a contemplative life, fostering a deep connection with God through prayer and work.

Vision and Goals

Assumption Abbey aims to be a beacon of contemplative spirituality, offering a peaceful environment for spiritual growth. Through their retreats and work, they strive to foster spiritual development and community support. Their commitment to simplicity, prayer, and community life ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration.

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Cistercian Monks Assumption Abbey





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