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Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours

About Us

Today, we, Sisters of Bon Secours practice our healing and spiritual ministry in hospitals, hospices, wellness centers, clinics, parishes, long-term care facilities, home care, community centers, social service organizations and the Retreat & Conference Center. We are caregivers, spiritual directors, chaplains, administrators, community organizers, counselors, board members, and more.

More Details

The Sisters of Bon Secours, based in the United States, are dedicated to providing compassionate care and bringing people to wholeness through their healing and spiritual ministries. They follow the example of their founder, who emphasized service to the poor, sick, and dying.

Ministry Work

The sisters engage in healthcare, education, and social services, running facilities like the Bon Secours Retreat & Conference Center and Sisters Academy of Baltimore. They also work with organizations such as Mercy Housing and the Asylee Women Enterprise. Their ministries include spiritual direction, retreats, and various programs to support marginalized communities.

Daily Life and Mission

Daily life revolves around communal prayer, personal reflection, and active ministry. Their mission is to embody God's healing presence through compassionate service, social justice, and holistic care, focusing on the needs of the poor and vulnerable.

Vision and Goals

The Sisters of Bon Secours aim to be a beacon of hope and healing, fostering spiritual growth and social justice. Through their diverse ministries, they strive to transform lives and communities, emphasizing the dignity and well-being of every person. Their dedication to prayer, service, and community life ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration and support, deeply committed to their mission of being "Good Help to Those in Need."

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Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours





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