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Congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist

About Us

As members of the Church mystery, according to our common vocation-mission (charism), we work for the glory of God  in the service of our neighbor especially the poor, the abandoned, and those at risk so that they may be able to realize themselves in the Church and in society and become promoters of justice and peace  for a better future for humanity

More Details

The Sisters of St. John the Baptis*, also known as the Baptistines, based in Bronx, New York, are dedicated to serving God and their neighbors, especially the poor, the abandoned, and those at risk. Following the charism of their founder, St. Alfonso Maria Fusco, they focus on education, healthcare, and social services.

Ministry Work

The sisters operate schools, healthcare facilities, and community outreach programs. They provide educational programs, spiritual formation, and social justice initiatives. Their ministries include running the "Take-A-Break" camp program for children, offering retreats, and supporting the marginalized through various social services.

Daily Life and Mission

Daily life revolves around communal prayers, personal reflection, and active ministry. Their mission emphasizes living out the Gospel through acts of compassion and service, focusing on the holistic development of individuals and communities.

Vision and Goals

The Sisters of St. John the Baptist aim to foster spiritual growth, education, and social justice, creating a supportive environment for those in need. Through their diverse ministries, they strive to build a more just and compassionate society. Their commitment to prayer, service, and community life ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration and support, living out their mission to "Be Jesus" for others.

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Congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist





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