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Crosier Fathers and Brothers

About Us

An essential element of who we are is expressed in our name, the Order of the Holy Cross. Our spirituality of the Cross is rooted in the Paschal Mystery. We recognize that there is much suffering and pain in the world, but we also believe the resurrection of Jesus guarantees that we will find hope and healing even in our suffering and pain. Because of this, we emphasize the glorious, or triumphant, Cross.

More Details

The Crosier Fathers and Brothers, based in Phoenix, Arizona, are dedicated to a life of prayer, community, and service. Rooted in the Order of the Holy Cross, their mission focuses on healing, reconciliation, and sharing the Gospel.

Ministry Work
The Crosiers engage in pastoral care, spiritual direction, and retreats. They support parish ministries, provide outreach to marginalized communities, and engage in social justice initiatives. Their ministries also include education and formation programs aimed at fostering spiritual growth and community development.

Daily Life and Mission
Daily life for the Crosiers is a blend of contemplative prayer, community living, and active ministry. The day begins with communal morning prayers and the Eucharist, fostering a deep connection with God and the community. Afternoons are typically dedicated to their various ministries, such as pastoral care, counseling, or educational work. Evenings include Vespers and reflection, allowing the Crosiers to integrate their day’s experiences into their spiritual journey. This rhythm of prayer, work, and reflection helps them live out their mission of healing and reconciliation, bringing the love and hope of the Gospel to those they serve.

Vision and Goals
The Crosiers aim to create a just and compassionate world through their commitment to healing, reconciliation, and service. Their dedication to prayer, community life, and ministry ensures they remain a vibrant source of spiritual inspiration and support, living out their mission to bring hope and transformation to those they serve.

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