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Felician Sisters of North America

About Us

The Felician Sisters are an international community of more than 1,000 vowed women religious across four continents. We minister to God’s people in the United States, Canada, Haiti, Brazil, Poland, Italy, England, France, Kenya, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, and the Amazon.

More Details

The Felician Sisters of North America, rooted in the Franciscan tradition and inspired by Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska, focus on education, healthcare, and social services. Since their establishment in 1855, they have aimed to meet the needs of society through compassionate service.

Ministry Work
The sisters operate schools, healthcare facilities, and social service programs across North America and Haiti. They provide education, healthcare, pastoral care, and support for marginalized communities, emphasizing justice, peace, and environmental stewardship.

Daily Life and Mission
Daily life revolves around communal prayer, personal reflection, and active ministry. They gather for the Liturgy of the Hours and daily Mass, fostering a deep spiritual connection. Their mission emphasizes living out the Gospel through acts of charity, education, and advocacy for justice and peace.

Vision and Goals
The Felician Sisters of North America aim to foster spiritual growth, education, and social justice. Through their diverse ministries, they strive to transform lives and communities, promoting the values of the Gospel. Their dedication to prayer, community life, and service ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration and support, working tirelessly towards a just and compassionate world.

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