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Glenmary Home Mission Sisters

About Us

The Glenmary Sisters were founded in 1941 by Father William Howard Bishop. He was a simple parish priest who served in rural Maryland for over twenty years. During that time, he saw thousands of forgotten people, the poor and neglected inhabiting the most rural areas of the United States- an overlooked population who were starving, not just in body, but for the ‘Bread of Life.’

More Details

The Glenmary Sisters, based in Owensboro, Kentucky, are dedicated to serving the spiritual and material needs of people in rural and underserved areas. Inspired by the charism of their founder, they focus on evangelization, education, and social services.

Ministry Work
The sisters engage in various ministries including operating missions in Eastern and Western Kentucky and the Missouri Bootheel. They provide education, pastoral care, and social services, and support marginalized communities through youth missions and volunteer programs.

Daily Life and Mission
Daily life revolves around communal prayer, personal reflection, and active ministry. The sisters balance contemplative prayer with service, fostering a deep spiritual connection and commitment to helping others.

Vision and Goals
The Glenmary Sisters aim to foster spiritual growth, education, and social justice. Through their diverse ministries, they strive to transform lives and communities, promoting the values of the Gospel. Their dedication to prayer, community life, and service ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration and support, working towards a more just and compassionate world.

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