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Glenmary Home Missioners

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Glenmary Home Missioners (aka The Home Missioners of America) is a Catholic church missionary and was founded in 1939 by Father William Howard Bishop, a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, to serve what he termed “No Priest Land, USA.” At that time, he noted that more than one-third of the counties of the United States, mostly in Appalachia and the South, had no resident priest. Father Bishop foresaw that this area—then as populous as Canada, as large as Mexico and covering one-fourth of the United States—could be lost to the Church unless this vast priest-less “home mission” area was recognized by and designated a specific ministry of the Church.

More Details

### General Context of the Ministry Work and Mission at the Glenmary Home Missioners

The **Glenmary Home Missioners**, also known as the Glenmary Missioners, are a Catholic society of priests, brothers, and lay workers dedicated to serving the spiritual and material needs of people in rural and underserved areas, particularly in Appalachia and the Southern United States. Founded in 1939 by Father William Howard Bishop, they focus on evangelization, social justice, and community development.

#### Ministry Work

The Glenmary Missioners engage in diverse ministries, including establishing and nurturing Catholic communities, operating schools, healthcare, and social services. They focus on evangelizing in counties where the Catholic population is less than 1% and poverty is widespread. Their work includes providing pastoral care, sacramental ministry, and social outreach programs aimed at improving the quality of life for the local communities. They also emphasize ecumenical and interfaith collaboration to address the needs of these communities holistically.

#### Daily Life and Mission

Daily life for the Glenmary Missioners revolves around prayer, community living, and active ministry. The missioners gather for the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, and other communal prayers, fostering a deep spiritual connection. Their mission is characterized by a commitment to living out the Gospel through acts of service, pastoral care, and community development. They balance their contemplative life with their apostolic work, ensuring that their service is grounded in spiritual reflection and community engagement.

### Vision and Goals

The Glenmary Home Missioners aim to foster spiritual growth, social justice, and community development in underserved areas. Through their diverse ministries, they strive to transform lives and communities, promoting the values of the Gospel. Their dedication to prayer, community life, and service ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration and support, working tirelessly towards a just and compassionate world. Their long-term goal is to establish self-sustaining Catholic parishes that can eventually be handed over to local diocesan care, allowing the missioners to move on to new areas in need.

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