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Little Portion Franciscan Sisters

About Us

We are a small community living a simplistic Franciscan Life: living out our Gospel call to serve. We strive to bring God's healing presence to all people we encounter.

More Details

The Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage, founded by John Michael Talbot, is a unique, integrated monastic community in Berryville, Arkansas. They embrace both celibate and family vocations, uniting charismatic and contemplative spirituality.

Ministry Work
Their ministries include running the Little Portion Bakery, offering retreats, and providing spiritual guidance. They emphasize living in communion with God, each other, and creation, offering a blend of monastic life, liturgical prayer, and outreach.

Daily Life and Mission
Daily life involves communal prayer, personal meditation, and community work. The community's mission is to live out the Gospel through love, guided by Scripture and Church teachings, fostering unity and spiritual growth.

Vision and Goals
The Brothers and Sisters of Charity aim to foster spiritual growth, community engagement, and holistic development. They strive to transform lives through their integrated monastic life, combining contemplation with active ministry. Their dedication to prayer, service, and community ensures a vibrant, supportive environment for all members, working towards a more unified and spiritually enriched world.

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