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Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary

About Us

We are the Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary, a vowed community of Catholic women religious. We introduce ourselves as “Little Sisters,” for that is what we strive to be.

More Details

The Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary, based in Salisbury, Maryland, focus on serving the poor and homeless. Founded in 1974, their mission is inspired by the example of Jesus and Mary, emphasizing love, humility, and simplicity.

Ministry Work
The sisters operate the Joseph House Crisis Center, providing food, financial assistance, and emergency services to those in need. They offer spiritual support and companionship to the marginalized, aiming to restore dignity and hope.

Daily Life and Mission
Daily life includes communal prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, and active ministry. Their mission is to live out the Gospel through compassionate service, promoting social justice and spiritual growth.

Vision and Goals
The Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary aim to foster spiritual growth, social justice, and community support. Through their ministries, they strive to transform lives and communities, promoting the values of the Gospel. Their dedication to prayer, service, and community ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration and support, working towards a more just and compassionate world.

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