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Marianist Sisters Daughters of Mary Immaculate

About Us

As Marianist Sisters, we continue the mission of Mary. We are inspired by our foundress Adèle’s spirit of steadfast faith, boundless hope, and willingness to risk. Together with the Marianist Family, we are building a world and a Church that includes all.

More Details

The Marianist Sisters, part of the larger Marianist Family, are dedicated to living out the charism of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. Their mission focuses on education, social justice, and fostering communities of faith.

Ministry Work
The sisters engage in educational programs, social justice initiatives, and pastoral care. They work in schools, universities, and community centers, promoting Marian spirituality and supporting marginalized communities through various outreach efforts.

Daily Life and Mission
Daily life includes communal prayer, personal reflection, and active ministry. The sisters balance contemplation with action, living the Gospel through education, service, and community building.

Vision and Goals
The Marianist Sisters aim to foster spiritual growth, education, and social justice. Through their diverse ministries, they strive to transform lives and communities, promoting Gospel values. Their commitment to prayer, community life, and service ensures they remain a vibrant source of inspiration and support, working to create a more equitable and loving world.

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Marianist Sisters Daughters of Mary Immaculate





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