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Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers

About Us

We are a Catholic Society of priests and brothers based in the United States. We are dedicated to missionary work overseas in over 20 countries. Additionally, we animate Catholics in the United States to follow their own baptismal call to share God’s compassion and love with the poor, the sick, and all those in need.

More Details

The Society of Mary, also known as the Marists, is a Roman Catholic religious congregation of priests and brothers who dedicate their lives to serving the Church and spreading the message of Christ, inspired by the life and virtues of Mary. The Marists were founded in the early 19th century in France by Father Jean-Claude Colin, with a mission to evangelize and provide pastoral care to those in need, especially in rural and neglected areas.

Ministry Work and Mission
The Marists' mission is to bring Christ to the world through various forms of ministry, emphasizing education, pastoral care, and social justice. Their work includes operating parishes, schools, and universities, engaging in prison ministry, and participating in global missions. They aim to build communities of faith, foster cultural understanding, and support the marginalized through their dedicated service and compassionate outreach. The Marists are particularly focused on addressing contemporary issues such as human dignity, climate change, and immigration​.

Vocation and Life as a Marist
Becoming a Marist involves a multi-stage process of discernment and formation to ensure a true calling to this way of life. Initially, interested individuals engage in vocational discernment through conversations with Marist priests or brothers and may participate in live-in discernment experiences. Those who feel called to the Marist life can enter the Postulancy program, which lasts at least ten months and includes living in community, learning about Marist history and spirituality, and participating in service projects. Following Postulancy, candidates enter the Novitiate, a one-year period focused on deepening their spiritual life and understanding of the Marist vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. After the Novitiate, Marists take temporary vows and continue their formation while engaging in full-time ministry, ultimately discerning a lifelong commitment.

Spirituality and Community
Marist spirituality is centered on living out the values of Mary, characterized by humility, simplicity, and modesty. Marists strive to emulate Mary's faith and dedication, seeking to bring Christ's presence to the world through their actions. Community life is integral to Marist identity, providing support and fostering a sense of belonging. Marists share common meals, pray together, and support one another in their spiritual and apostolic endeavors. This communal life helps Marists remain grounded in their faith and dedicated to their mission​)​.

Impact and Outreach
The Marists have a significant impact through their diverse ministries. They operate educational institutions, provide pastoral care in parishes, and engage in social justice initiatives. Their outreach extends globally, addressing various social issues and advocating for the marginalized. The Marists' commitment to education and social justice is evident in their efforts to foster communities of faith and support those in need through compassionate service and advocacy.

For those interested in exploring a vocation with the Marists, the Society offers various opportunities to engage with the community and discern one's calling. These include personal conversations with vocation directors, participation in Marist programs, and live-in experiences to better understand the Marist way of life and mission​.

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