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Missionaries of the Holy Family

About Us

Offering the Perpetual Mass Association since 1933, the Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF) is a worldwide, Roman Catholic, men’s Congregation of over 1,000 priests and brothers with a special focus on emphasizing the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as the standard of holiness for all families. Once a vocation as a new priest or brother is realized, there is a focus on caring for the needs of the Christian Family.

More Details

The Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF) are dedicated to pastoral care and the promotion of family life, inspired by the example of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Their ministries include providing Mass cards, conducting spiritual retreats, and offering vocational discernment for those interested in religious life. They focus on supporting families through prayer, education, and social services, aiming to foster strong, faith-filled family units. The MSF also emphasizes the importance of serving the poor and advocating for justice and peace in communities.

Ministry Work and Mission
The MSF's mission is to care for families through various ministries that include celebrating Mass intentions, providing spiritual guidance, and engaging in community outreach. They offer Mass cards and Gregorian Masses for the deceased, conduct educational programs, and support families in prayer and faith formation. Their work is rooted in promoting the values exemplified by the Holy Family and addressing the spiritual and social needs of families.

Vocation and Life as a Missionary
Discerning a vocation with the MSF involves initial inquiry and vocational retreats to explore one's calling. Candidates participate in a formation process that includes postulancy, novitiate, and temporary vows. This journey helps individuals understand the MSF charism, community life, and mission, preparing them for a life dedicated to serving families and the Church.

Spirituality and Community
The spirituality of the MSF centers on the Holy Family, emphasizing values of love, unity, and faith. Missionaries live in community, sharing their lives and ministry in a supportive environment. They strive to emulate the Holy Family's virtues, fostering a spirit of service and devotion in their daily lives and interactions with others.

Impact and Outreach
The MSF has a significant impact through their diverse ministries focused on family life. They provide pastoral care, conduct spiritual retreats, and engage in social justice initiatives. Their outreach efforts aim to strengthen families, support the poor, and promote peace and justice within communities. Through their dedicated service, the MSF works to create a world where families thrive in faith and unity.

For those interested in exploring a vocation with the MSF, the Society offers opportunities for engagement and discernment, including retreats, personal conversations with vocation directors, and live-in experiences to understand better the mission and community life of the Missionaries of the Holy Family.

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