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Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity

About Us

We are Catholic missionary sisters serving the poor and spiritually neglected. We seek out abandoned works that the Church wants. Our goal is that every Catholic be an apostle.

More Details

The Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity (MSBT) are a Catholic community dedicated to serving the poor and spiritually neglected. Founded to bring about a more vibrant faith in the laity, MSBT engages in a variety of ministries, including pastoral care, education, and social services, focusing on the most abandoned areas where the Church needs them. Their mission is to foster the faith and apostolic zeal of the laity, encouraging every Catholic to be an active apostle. They operate spirituality centers, conduct retreats, and offer vocational discernment opportunities for those interested in religious life.

Ministry Work and Mission
MSBT's mission involves bringing the love and compassion of Christ to the poor and neglected through various ministries. Their work includes pastoral care in parishes, educational programs, and social services in underserved communities. They run spirituality centers that offer retreats and spiritual guidance, providing a holy space for individuals to encounter God’s personal love. Their goal is to inspire and empower laypeople to live out their faith actively and share the Gospel.

Vocation and Life as a Missionary Servant
The path to becoming an MSBT missionary involves a process of vocational discernment and formation. This journey begins with initial inquiry and retreats, followed by stages of postulancy and novitiate, where candidates learn about the MSBT charism and community life. The formation process includes taking temporary vows, during which individuals deepen their spiritual life and prepare for a lifetime of service to the Church and the poor. This formation helps candidates grow in their relationship with God and develop the skills needed for effective ministry.

Spirituality and Community
MSBT spirituality is centered on fostering a vibrant faith and apostolic zeal among the laity, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Living in community is a crucial aspect of their life, providing mutual support and a sense of belonging. The Missionary Servants live together, sharing their prayers, work, and mission, which strengthens their commitment and enhances their ability to serve. Their spirituality is marked by a strong emphasis on prayer, simplicity, and dedication to the poor and neglected.

Impact and Outreach
The Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity have a significant impact through their outreach and ministries. They are deeply involved in social justice initiatives, advocating for the dignity and rights of the marginalized. Their work often focuses on providing education, healthcare, and pastoral care in underserved areas. By addressing both spiritual and social needs, MSBT helps transform lives and communities. Their dedication to empowering the laity ensures that their mission of fostering a vibrant, active faith continues to grow and bear fruit.

For those interested in exploring a vocation with MSBT, the community offers various opportunities for engagement and discernment. These include retreats, personal conversations with vocation directors, and live-in experiences to understand better the MSBT way of life and mission. Through these opportunities, individuals can explore their calling and discern their path to service within the congregation.

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