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Missionary Sisters - Servants of the Holy Spirit

About Us

The Holy Spirit Missionary Association (HSMA) is an Association of Christians who want to grow into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit, experience the unity of the Trinity in today's world, and live the life and mission of the church where they are by bonding with the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters.

More Details

The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters are a Catholic congregation dedicated to spreading the Gospel and serving marginalized communities. Founded by Saint Arnold Janssen, their mission emphasizes promoting human dignity, justice, peace, and care for creation. They engage in education, healthcare, pastoral care, and social services, aiming to empower communities and foster intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

Ministry Work and Mission
The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters commit to living and proclaiming the Gospel through diverse ministries. They operate schools, hospitals, and community centers, providing essential services while addressing both spiritual and social needs to foster positive change.

Vocation and Life as a Missionary Sister
Discerning a vocation with the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters involves a thorough process of inquiry, retreats, and formation stages, including postulancy, novitiate, and temporary vows. This formation helps individuals grow in their relationship with God and prepares them for dedicated service.

Spirituality and Community
Their spirituality is rooted in Trinitarian principles, emphasizing love and unity. Living in supportive communities, they share their lives and mission, which fosters spiritual growth and provides a strong foundation for their ministries.

Impact and Outreach
The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters impact education, healthcare, social services, and advocacy for justice and peace. Working in underserved communities globally, they address critical issues and empower individuals, promoting human dignity and intercultural dialogue.

For those interested in exploring a vocation, the congregation offers retreats, personal conversations with vocation directors, and live-in experiences to help discern their path to service.

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Missionary Sisters - Servants of the Holy Spirit





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