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Priests of the Sacred Heart - Dehonians

About Us

We are the Priests of the Sacred Heart, a Roman Catholic religious community of brothers and priests. In some parts of the world we are known as “Dehonians” in reference to our founder, Fr. Leo John Dehon. We are also referred to as “SCJs,” the initials of the official name of the congregation: “Sacerdotum Corde Jesu.”

More Details

The Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians) are a Catholic religious congregation founded by Father Leo John Dehon in 1878. Their mission emphasizes the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and includes evangelization, social justice, education, and pastoral care. The Dehonians serve in various ministries worldwide, focusing on spreading the message of God's love and promoting justice and peace.

Ministry Work and Mission
The Dehonians engage in diverse ministries including parish work, education, healthcare, and social services. Their mission is to make the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus known and lived, promoting justice, peace, and reconciliation. They operate schools, parishes, and social service programs, addressing both spiritual and material needs of communities.

Vocation and Life as a Dehonian
Becoming a Dehonian involves a process of vocational discernment and formation, including initial inquiry, retreats, postulancy, novitiate, and taking temporary vows. This formation helps candidates understand the charism of the Dehonians and prepares them for a life dedicated to prayer, community living, and service. The journey deepens their relationship with God and equips them for their apostolic mission.

Spirituality and Community
The spirituality of the Dehonians is centered on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, emphasizing love, reparation, and the promotion of social justice. They live in community, sharing their lives, prayers, and mission in a supportive environment. This communal life fosters spiritual growth and enables them to carry out their ministry effectively.

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Priests of the Sacred Heart - Dehonians





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