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Redemptorists - Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

About Us

The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer is a religious congregation within the Catholic Church dedicated to missionary work among the most abandoned in society. It was founded in 1732 by Saint Alphonsus Liguori near Scala, Italy, to evangelize the marginalized people around the Kingdom of Naples. Members of the congregation are Catholic priests and vowed religious brothers. They minister to the most abandoned people in more than 100 countries across our wounded world.

More Details

The Redemptorists, also known as the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, are a Catholic religious community founded by Saint Alphonsus Liguori in 1732. Their mission is to preach the Gospel, especially to the poor and most abandoned. They engage in various ministries, including parish missions, retreats, and social outreach programs. The Redemptorists focus on spreading the message of Christ's love and redemption through compassionate service and evangelization.

Ministry Work and Mission
The Redemptorists are dedicated to preaching the Gospel and providing pastoral care, particularly to those who are marginalized or neglected. Their ministries include conducting parish missions, retreats, and providing spiritual guidance. They also operate schools, parishes, and social service programs aimed at uplifting communities and addressing both spiritual and material needs.

Vocation and Life as a Redemptorist
Discerning a vocation with the Redemptorists involves a comprehensive process of inquiry, retreats, postulancy, novitiate, and temporary vows. This formation period helps candidates understand the Redemptorist charism and prepares them for a life dedicated to prayer, community living, and service. The journey deepens their relationship with God and equips them for their mission of evangelization and service.

Spirituality and Community
The spirituality of the Redemptorists is centered on the example of Jesus Christ, emphasizing compassion, redemption, and the mission to preach the Good News. They live in community, sharing their lives, prayers, and mission in a supportive environment. This communal life fosters spiritual growth and enables them to carry out their ministry effectively.

Impact and Outreach
The Redemptorists have a significant impact through their various ministries and outreach efforts. They serve in education, pastoral care, and social services, focusing on the needs of the poor and marginalized. Their work aims to transform lives and promote the message of Christ's love and redemption. By addressing both spiritual and social needs, they bring hope and healing to the communities they serve.

For those interested in exploring a vocation with the Redemptorists, the congregation offers opportunities for engagement and discernment. These include retreats, personal conversations with vocation directors, and live-in experiences to help individuals understand the Redemptorist way of life and discern their path to service within the congregation.

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Redemptorists - Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer





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