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Religious Teachers Filippini

About Us

The Pontifical Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini is an Institute of consecrated life dedicated to the works of the Apostolate.  Faithful to the original inspiration of our Founders, St. Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Mark Anthony Barbarigo, we continue to regard the ministry of the Christian education of youth and of adults, especially women, as our principal duty. 

More Details

The Religious Teachers Filippini, also known as the Pontifical Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini, are dedicated to Christian education and evangelization, focusing on youth and women. Founded by Saint Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Mark Anthony Barbarigo, their mission is to teach the faith and promote human dignity through various ministries, including schools, spiritual centers, and social services. The congregation emphasizes prayer, community life, and active apostolate, encouraging deep spiritual growth and dedication to service.

Ministry Work and Mission
The Religious Teachers Filippini are committed to the Christian education of youth and adults, especially women, as their principal duty. They operate schools, offer religious education, and run spiritual centers like the Morning Star House of Prayer and St. Joseph by the Sea Spiritual Center. Their work promotes faith development, moral values, and social responsibility.

Vocation and Life as a Religious Teacher
Discerning a vocation with the Religious Teachers Filippini involves a process that includes inquiry, vocational retreats, postulancy, novitiate, and taking vows. This formation process helps candidates understand the charism of the congregation and prepares them for a life dedicated to education, prayer, and community service. The journey deepens their relationship with God and equips them for their educational and evangelizing mission.

Spirituality and Community
The spirituality of the Religious Teachers Filippini is rooted in the teachings of Saint Lucy Filippini, focusing on prayer, education, and community living. The Sisters live together in community, supporting one another in their spiritual journey and apostolic work. This communal life fosters spiritual growth and provides a strong foundation for their educational mission.

Impact and Outreach
The Religious Teachers Filippini have a significant impact through their educational and social ministries. They provide quality education, spiritual guidance, and social services, focusing on empowering women and youth. Their work aims to transform lives by promoting faith, moral values, and social justice. Through their dedication to teaching and service, they bring hope and uplift communities.

For those interested in exploring a vocation with the Religious Teachers Filippini, the congregation offers opportunities for engagement and discernment. These include vocational retreats, personal conversations with vocation directors, and live-in experiences. These opportunities help individuals understand the Filippini way of life and discern their path to service within the congregation.

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