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The Passionists of Holy Cross Province

About Us

We are the Passionist family of Holy Cross Province. We each have our own story as to how the seeds of Memoria Passionis came to be planted in our hearts, yet the guiding light for each of us in the Passionist family is that the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ is “the greatest and most overwhelming work of God’s love” (1, Constitutions, 1984).

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Ministry Work
The Passionists of Holy Cross Province focus on various forms of ministry, central among them being their retreat centers. These centers are vital for spiritual reflection and growth, offering retreats, workshops, and spiritual direction to a diverse range of participants. Another significant aspect of their ministry is preaching and evangelization. Passionists travel widely to preach missions, retreats, and parish renewals, aiming to inspire faith, hope, and compassion through their messages.

Recognizing the growing Hispanic population in the United States, the Passionists have developed ministries specifically for this community. They provide culturally relevant programs, pastoral care, and support services tailored to the spiritual and social needs of Hispanic individuals and families. Their commitment to education is also notable, as they support and operate educational institutions, offer scholarships, and provide resources that promote theological and spiritual growth, equipping individuals for lives of faith and service.

Humanitarian aid is a cornerstone of the Passionists' mission. They have actively supported Passionists in conflict areas such as Ukraine and Poland, providing financial assistance, supplies, and moral support. This humanitarian work underscores their broader mission of solidarity with the suffering. Furthermore, inspired by Pope Francis' "Laudato Si'," the Passionists emphasize environmental stewardship. They integrate ecological consciousness into their ministries and community life, promoting sustainable practices and educating others on the importance of caring for creation.

Community Life and Mission
The Passionists' community life is deeply rooted in prayer and mutual support. Their daily routine includes communal prayers, meditation, and the celebration of the Eucharist, fostering a strong sense of brotherhood. They take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, committing to a life of simplicity and service. Their spiritual practices focus on the Passion of Christ, which they meditate upon and seek to embody in their daily lives.

Collaboration with lay partners is an essential aspect of the Passionists' mission. They offer formation programs and opportunities for lay individuals to engage in their mission, fostering a broader community of faith and service. As a global congregation, the Passionists have a presence in many countries, enriching their ministry through cross-cultural exchange and solidarity. They are dedicated to addressing global issues such as poverty, injustice, and environmental degradation through their local and international efforts.

In summary, the Passionists of Holy Cross Province are dedicated to proclaiming God's love through the Passion of Jesus Christ. Their comprehensive ministry includes retreat centers, preaching, Hispanic ministry, education, humanitarian aid, and environmental stewardship. Their community life, characterized by prayer, simplicity, and collaboration with laypeople, aims to embody and share the transformative power of Christ's Passion.

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