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The Passionists of Paul Province

About Us

No matter who you are or where you’ve been, we stand With You, the crucified of today. We are The Passionists and the Passion of Christ is always in our hearts.

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Ministry Work
The Passionists are deeply committed to various forms of ministry, including pastoral care, education, and social justice initiatives. Central to their mission are their preaching and retreat ministries, which aim to bring people closer to God through the Passion of Christ. Their retreat houses offer spaces for spiritual renewal and reflection, while their preaching efforts extend to parishes and other communities, emphasizing themes of compassion, redemption, and hope.

In addition to their preaching and retreat ministries, the Passionists are actively involved in social justice work. They advocate for environmental stewardship through their "Justice for the Earth" initiative, inspired by Pope Francis' "Laudato Si'." This program promotes sustainable practices and raises awareness about environmental issues within the communities they serve. The Passionists also engage in various humanitarian efforts, addressing issues such as poverty, healthcare, and social inequality.

The Passionists have a significant focus on media and communication, utilizing mass media to spread their message and reach a broader audience. They produce content that addresses contemporary issues from a faith-based perspective, aiming to inspire and educate people worldwide.

Community Life and Mission
Community life is a vital aspect of the Passionist vocation. Members live in communal settings, fostering a strong sense of brotherhood and mutual support. Their daily lives are structured around prayer, meditation, and the celebration of the Eucharist, which form the spiritual backbone of their community. The Passionists take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, dedicating themselves to a life of simplicity, service, and deep spiritual commitment.

The Passionists emphasize the importance of lay participation in their mission. They offer various programs for lay associates who wish to engage more deeply with their charism and mission. These associates often participate in their ministries, contributing to the Passionists' outreach and service efforts. This collaborative approach strengthens their community and extends their impact beyond the religious order.

Global Presence
As an international congregation, the Passionists have a presence in numerous countries, enriching their ministry with diverse cultural perspectives and experiences. This global dimension allows them to address universal issues such as poverty, injustice, and environmental degradation more effectively. They are committed to fostering solidarity and understanding across different cultures and communities.

In summary, the Passionists are dedicated to proclaiming the love of God through the Passion of Christ. Their ministry encompasses preaching, retreat centers, social justice initiatives, and media outreach. Their community life is rooted in prayer, simplicity, and collaboration with laypeople, all aimed at embodying and sharing the transformative power of Christ's Passion.

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