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The Paulist Fathers

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The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle, known as the Paulist Fathers, is the first community of Catholic priests founded in the United States.

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Ministry Work
The Paulist Fathers focus on a variety of ministries that address spiritual, educational, and social needs. Central to their mission is evangelization, aimed at helping people understand and live their Catholic faith. They utilize modern media, such as their Busted Halo ministry, to engage with contemporary audiences and provide accessible faith-based content. The Paulists also prioritize reconciliation, offering programs to help individuals return to and deepen their faith.

Their ministry extends to ecumenical and interfaith relations, seeking to foster unity among different Christian denominations and build bridges with other world religions. They are active in campus ministry, providing spiritual guidance and support to university students across the United States. This commitment to education and spiritual development is a hallmark of their work.

Community Life and Mission
Community life for the Paulist Fathers is centered on a deep spiritual and prayerful existence. They live in community, sharing daily prayer, meals, and mission work. This communal life strengthens their bond and supports their individual and collective mission efforts. They take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, committing themselves to a life of service and simplicity.

The Paulist Fathers also embrace the role of laypeople in their mission. Through programs like the Paulist Associates, lay individuals are invited to participate in their ministries, embodying the Paulist charism in their daily lives. This collaborative approach extends the reach and impact of their mission work.

Global Presence
With a presence in various parts of the United States and internationally, the Paulist Fathers are able to address both local and global issues. Their ministries are designed to meet the unique needs of different communities, whether through parish work, campus ministry, or media outreach. Their global perspective allows them to engage in broader dialogues on faith, justice, and reconciliation.

In summary, the Paulist Fathers are dedicated to evangelization, reconciliation, and ecumenical relations, utilizing modern media and active community engagement to fulfill their mission. Their community life, rooted in prayer and shared values, supports their diverse ministries, which aim to make the Catholic faith accessible and relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds. Through their global presence, they address universal issues with a commitment to faith and service.

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