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The Sulpicians

About Us

We “Sulpician Fathers” have an uncommon name and a unique mission: the initial and ongoing formation of diocesan priests. In 1641, our founder, Fr. Jean-Jacques Olier, was the pastor of the Church of Saint Sulpice. He founded a community of diocesan priests in Paris specifically to prepare diocesan seminarians for the Roman Catholic priesthood. We Sulpicians have been dedicated to the work of forming priests after the heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd ever since.

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Ministry Work
The Sulpician Fathers, formally known as the Society of St. Sulpice, are dedicated to the initial and ongoing formation of diocesan priests. Founded by Fr. Jean-Jacques Olier in 1641, the Sulpicians have been committed to preparing seminarians for the Roman Catholic priesthood. Their work includes operating seminaries in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as supporting seminaries in Zambia and Malawi. They also engage in parish work, coordinate the Biennial Institute for Seminary Formators, and operate the McGivney Propaedeutic House of Formation.

Community Life and Mission
The Sulpicians live in community, sharing a life of prayer, study, and service, following the charism of their founder. Their mission is to form priests who are pastoral, apostolic, and spiritually mature, emphasizing personal commitment to Christ and the creation of formational communities. They foster a collaborative approach to priestly formation, working closely with bishops and other Church leaders to ensure quality preparation for seminarians and ongoing spiritual development for priests.

Global Presence
The Sulpicians have a significant global presence, serving dioceses in the United States, Zambia, and other international locations. They operate and staff seminaries, provide formation programs, and engage in various pastoral ministries worldwide. Their international reach allows them to address diverse needs and challenges in priestly formation, contributing to the global mission of the Church.

In summary, the Sulpician Fathers focus on the formation of diocesan priests, living a community life rooted in prayer, study, and service. Supported by a global network, they are dedicated to preparing and guiding seminarians and priests to serve effectively in the Church.

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