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Trappist Cistercian Monks and Nuns

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Our Lady of the Holy Cross Abbey is a Roman Catholic monastery of the Cistercian Order, following the Rule of St Benedict.

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Ministry Work
Holy Cross Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Virginia, focuses on a life of prayer, work, and hospitality. Following the Rule of Saint Benedict, the monks engage in contemplative practices, communal prayers, and manual labor. Their primary means of support include the production and sale of fruitcakes, creamed honey, and other monastic goods. The Abbey offers a retreat house, providing a peaceful environment for visitors to experience silence, solitude, and spiritual renewal.

Community Life and Mission
Community life at Holy Cross Abbey is centered on the Cistercian traditions of simplicity, silence, and contemplation. The monks live in a close-knit community, sharing daily responsibilities and spiritual practices. Their schedule includes the Liturgy of the Hours, private prayer, and work. The monks take vows of stability, conversion of life, and obedience, dedicating themselves to continuous spiritual growth and communal support. This disciplined lifestyle fosters a deep sense of brotherhood and mutual encouragement among the monks.

Global Presence
As part of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (OCSO), also known as Trappists, Holy Cross Abbey is connected to a global network of monasteries that share similar principles of monastic life. This international dimension enriches their spiritual practices and provides a sense of unity with other Trappist communities around the world. The Abbey’s mission extends beyond its local setting, contributing to the broader goals of the Trappist order to promote peace, simplicity, and a deeper relationship with God.

In summary, Holy Cross Abbey focuses on prayer, work, and hospitality, following the Rule of Saint Benedict. Their community life is characterized by simplicity, silence, and contemplation, supported by the production of monastic goods. As part of the global Trappist order, they contribute to a wider mission of spiritual growth and service.

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Trappist Cistercian Monks and Nuns





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