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Since the Order was founded in the year 1198 to ransom Christian captives, Trinitarian priests, brothers, sisters and laity have dedicated themselves to works of mercy and redemption. We have a special concern for those who suffer persecution for their faith in Christ.

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Ministry Work
The Trinitarians, formally known as the Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives, are dedicated to works of mercy and redemption, particularly focusing on those suffering persecution for their faith. Their ministries span various fields, including serving the poor, educating those at risk of losing their faith, and ministering in covert operations in areas where practicing Christianity is illegal. They work in parish ministries, schools, prisons, and missions, striving to embody the unity and love of the Holy Trinity.

Community Life and Mission
The Trinitarians live a life committed to the principles of their founder, St. John de Matha, emphasizing charity, unity, and the redemption of captives. Their community life is marked by prayer, service, and fraternity, fostering a deep spiritual bond among members. They take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, dedicating themselves to a mission of redemption and mercy. The Trinitarians also engage with laypeople, offering programs for lay associates to participate in their mission and share in their charism.

Global Presence
The Trinitarians have a global presence, with members serving in various countries across the world. This international network allows them to address global issues of persecution, poverty, and education, enriching their ministry through diverse cultural experiences and perspectives. Their global mission emphasizes unity, charity, and the transformative power of the Holy Trinity, working tirelessly to bring hope and relief to those in need.

In summary, the Trinitarians focus on works of mercy, education, and covert ministry, following the Rule of St. John de Matha. Their community life is rooted in prayer and service, supported by their global network, and dedicated to promoting the unity and love of the Holy Trinity.

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