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The Clerics of Saint Viator (Viatorians) is an international Roman Catholic religious congregation comprised of priests, brothers and lay associates, headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL. Collectively, the congregation is known as the Viatorian Community. Its members proclaim Jesus Christ and his Gospel to those whom they serve, and work to raise up communities where faith can be lived, deepened, and celebrated.

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Ministry Work
The Viatorians, known as the Clerics of St. Viator, are committed to a variety of ministries that focus on education, social justice, and pastoral care. They operate schools, parishes, and missions, aiming to foster vibrant faith communities and support marginalized populations. Their ministry extends to youth and young adult outreach, providing programs and resources to nurture spiritual growth and leadership. The Viatorians also engage in advocacy for peace and justice, addressing social issues through community involvement and education.

Community Life and Mission
Community life for the Viatorians is characterized by prayer, fraternity, and shared mission. The members, including priests, brothers, and lay associates, live and work together, following a daily rhythm of communal prayer and personal reflection. They take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, dedicating themselves to a life of service and spiritual development. Their mission emphasizes educating and uplifting communities, inspired by the charism of their founder, Father Louis Querbes.

Global Presence
The Viatorians have a global presence, with communities and ministries in various countries, including the United States, Canada, Colombia, France, and Japan. This international network allows them to address diverse needs and challenges, enriching their ministry through cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. Their global mission involves promoting education, social justice, and faith formation, working towards creating a world where the values of the Gospel are lived and celebrated.

In summary, the Viatorians focus on education, social justice, and pastoral care, living a community life rooted in prayer and service. Supported by a global network, they are dedicated to fostering vibrant faith communities and addressing social issues worldwide.

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