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Vincentians - Congregation of the Mission

About Us

We seek to grow in holiness through friendship with each other and service to the poor. We embrace the world in a network of charity and no work of charity is foreign to us. This is who we are and what we do. This is our identity.

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Ministry Work
Men on a Mission is dedicated to serving Christ in the poor, inspired by the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. Their ministry includes direct service to marginalized communities, offering support and companionship to those in need. They engage in various charitable activities, such as providing food, shelter, and other essential services to the poor. The organization also focuses on promoting spiritual growth and friendship among its members, encouraging them to grow in holiness through their service.

Community Life and Mission
The community life of Men on a Mission emphasizes a shared commitment to prayer, service, and fraternity. Members are united by their desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to serve the Church as missionary disciples. They engage in regular communal prayers, personal spiritual practices, and active participation in their ministries. The organization fosters a supportive environment where members can deepen their faith and develop strong bonds of brotherhood.

Global Presence
Men on a Mission operates within a network of global charity, embracing the world with their acts of service. This international aspect allows them to address diverse needs and challenges faced by marginalized communities worldwide. By working in various regions, they promote the values of charity, unity, and faith, inspired by the teachings of St. Vincent de Paul. Their global mission includes both direct service and advocacy for social justice, aiming to transform lives and communities through their dedicated efforts.

In summary, Men on a Mission focuses on serving Christ in the poor, fostering spiritual growth and fraternity among its members. Their ministry includes direct charitable activities and global outreach, inspired by the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.

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Vincentians - Congregation of the Mission





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