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Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis

About Us

The Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis are answering a call to a unique way of life: a contemplative community in the inner city. As a contemplative religious community, our foremost contribution to the Church is praying the Liturgy of the Hours, for which we gather together throughout the day every day. Our hope is that our community of quiet, peace, and joy that we nurture with prayer can overflow into our neighborhood. We seek to connect with our neighbors, who are often the poor and the marginalized, and to bring the love of Jesus to them in everyday life.

More Details

Ministry Work
The Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis is dedicated to living the monastic way in an urban setting, focusing on a ministry of presence and prayer. The Sisters engage deeply with the North Minneapolis community, offering spiritual support, education, and social justice advocacy. They operate the St. Jane House, a hospitality center for retreats and community gatherings, and they provide a variety of programs for spiritual growth and community engagement, such as the Vis Companions and Monastic Immersion Experience.

Community Life and Mission
Community life at the Visitation Monastery is rooted in Salesian spirituality, emphasizing gentleness, humility, and the transformative power of God's love. The Sisters live together in a close-knit community, sharing daily prayers, personal reflection, and active engagement with their neighbors. Their mission is to "Live Jesus" by being present in their multicultural neighborhood, sharing hope and God's blessings, and receiving the blessedness of those they serve. They welcome laypeople to join their mission through various programs and volunteer opportunities.

Global Presence
While the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis is locally focused, it is part of the larger Visitation Order, which has a global presence. This international network allows the Minneapolis community to connect with and be enriched by the broader Visitation charism. The global mission of the Visitation Order includes education, healthcare, and social services, promoting peace, justice, and the love of Christ worldwide.

In summary, the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis focuses on prayer, presence, and community engagement, rooted in Salesian spirituality. Their ministries include spiritual support and social justice advocacy, supported by a global network that enhances their mission of promoting peace, justice, and God's love.

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