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Xaverian Missionaries

About Us

As a community of brothers among brothers from a variety of cultural and continental backgrounds, we are messengers of God’s love, witnesses of hope, and builders of God’s Kingdom, together becoming an example to the wider Church and the world community that it is possible to be one as Jesus wills.

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Ministry Work
The Xaverian Missionaries, inspired by the charism of their founder St. Guido Maria Conforti, are dedicated to evangelization and promoting interfaith dialogue. Their ministries span across educating and supporting marginalized communities, advocating for social justice, and fostering intercultural and interfaith understanding. They operate schools, parishes, and missions worldwide, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and solidarity among different cultures and faith traditions.

Community Life and Mission
Community life for the Xaverian Missionaries involves a deep commitment to prayer, fraternity, and shared mission. Members, including priests, brothers, and lay associates, live and work together, following a daily routine of communal prayers and personal spiritual practices. They take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, dedicating their lives to missionary work and spiritual development. Their mission is to make the world one family, reflecting the inclusive love of Christ.

Global Presence
The Xaverian Missionaries have a significant global presence, serving in 21 countries across five continents. This international network allows them to address diverse challenges and needs, enriching their ministry through cross-cultural experiences and collaboration. Their global mission includes promoting peace, justice, and the dignity of every person, working towards creating a world where the values of the Gospel are lived and celebrated.

In summary, the Xaverian Missionaries focus on evangelization, social justice, and interfaith dialogue. Their community life is rooted in prayer and fraternity, supported by a global network dedicated to spreading the love and teachings of Christ.

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