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Your discernment journey to Catholic Vocations and religious life across the United States starts here.

Vocation Match

Fill out a questionnaire to request info from religious orders that match your interests across the United States.


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Explore your calling to Catholic religious life with our discernment resources, tips, and guides.
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discernment JOURNEY

Are you feeling called to a higher purpose? Do you want to explore a life dedicated to faith, service, and community? Welcome to Called Catholic's Vocation Match, your comprehensive resource for discovering Catholic vocations and finding the perfect religious order for your spiritual journey.

What is the Called Catholic Vocation Match Profile?

Called Catholic's Vocation Match is an innovative process designed to connect individuals with Catholic religious orders and dioceses that align with their unique calling and spiritual goals. Whether you are considering the priesthood, religious life as a brother or sister, or a dedicated lay vocation, Vocation Match provides the guidance and information you need to make an informed decision and connect with Vocation Directors across the United States.

Why Choose the Called Catholic Vocation Match?

There are many opportunities to explore your vocation and match with religious orders and dioceses. And we encourage you to try them all! Importantly, we do not charge religious orders or dioceses to receive your information. That means that more vocation directors have the opportunity to review your Vocation Match profile, not just the vocation directors that can afford to pay for advertising.

Simple Form: Our unique vocation match profile form collects the simple information necessary for vocation directors to contact you to further explore your interests, spiritual preferences, and lifestyle to match you with religious orders that resonate with your vocation.

Content Library: Access a wealth of information about various Catholic vocations, including the priesthood, monastic life, missionary work, and more in our blog, The Netside Vocation Blog

Supportive Community: Connect with mentors, spiritual directors, and peers who are also on their journey to discovering their calling.

How the Called Catholic Vocation Match Process Works

Complete Your Profile: Start by adding your contact information and creating a profile that highlights your interests, spiritual background, and vocational aspirations.

Explore Religious Orders: Dive into our extensive database of Catholic vocations and learn about different religious orders, their charisms, and their missions.

Get Matched: Our vocation match form get you in touch with religious orders that fit your profile, providing you with opportunities to discern with a vocation director.

Connect and Discern: The religious orders will connect with you, and if it's a match, will invite you to participate in discernment retreats, and receive guidance from experienced spiritual directors to help you make the best decision as you discern.

Begin Your Vocation Journey Today

Embark on a transformative journey with Called Catholic's Vocation Match. By completing the profile, you'll gain access to a world of opportunities and resources to help you discern your calling. Whether you are just beginning to explore your vocation or are ready to take the next step, Called Catholic is here to support you every step of the way.

Your path to a fulfilling and dedicated life in faith starts here. Discover your vocation with Vocation Match and find the religious life that is right for you.

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Our Mission

At Called Catholic, our mission is to help men and women answer the call to Catholic religious life in the United States.

Are you called?


Fill in our Vocation Discernment Profile and we'll send it to the Religious Orders that match your call. 

Are you called?

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